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Gifts Galore at the Redbubble Novelty Store

Noveltyshirtsandgifts.co.uk on Redbubble isn’t just your go-to website for gifts that appeal to certain people. It is a store where you can buy almost all kinds of gifts. Subsequently we offer a variety of products for men, women and children. We offer you a large collection of gifts for friends, family members, and for your partner. You can buy everything from personalized gifts to home or office accessories.

What you get from Noveltyshirtsandgifts.co.uk is a line of products that have been specially designed to offer you the very best for each and every single occasion or moment. Whether it’s our general products or our definitive campaigns, such as “Bald is Beautiful”, what we at Noveltyshirtsandgifts.co.uk aim to bring is something unique that is both relevant and eye-catching. Above all when it comes to finding the perfect gifts for the people you like, you need to get something special and that is what you get from us.

The types of products we offer are:


We offer a variety of customized t-shirts designs. T-shirts are a traditional gift that you can buy for your loved ones with personalized quotes on them for example. Nowadays, it has become a demand of the market place for the t-shirt to come with customized writing or designs on it. There is however, a huge variety of high-quality t-shirts with personalized designs that you can get from Noveltyshirtsandgifts via their Redbubble Store. From the “Bald is Beautiful” shirts, to the ones especially targeted for special occasions, such as Birthdays, Hen Parties or Weddings, we offer a number of relevant t-shirt options that are relevant especially for your needs.

One great example of our knack of creating great t-shirts is our birthday t-shirts with the appropriate messages, such as ‘Vintage 1969’ great birthday gifts for his 50th on various products. If you are looking for a gift for your friend’s birthday, then you can check our fabulous birthday designs. It makes them feel special and maybe this luxury gift will make their day special. Some examples of one of our personal design are

Hen Party

A hen party is typically celebrated by the bride-to-be together with her friends, family, and relatives. This party is normally interesting to say the least, with some naughty things to make the event memorable. Uniquely printed t-shirts at a hen party is unquestionably a cheeky thought and increases the value of the whole experience.

Many Hen party t-shirts are shirts with funny writing on them related to sexual messages or innuendos. This is now becoming a trend to wear hen party shirts in public places. However, this is designed for confident people, and if you are one of these types then the Hen Do Dares T-shirt from Noveltyshirtsandgifts is just what you need.

Hen Do Gifts

It is a fantastic idea to wear these shirts in front of the crowd. We offer the Hen Party shirts for girls in different colors and writings so that you can also give this special luxury design to your friend or female family member. See the Hen Do Dares T-shirt below as an example of the type of Hen Do gifts we sell.

Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Sweatshirts and Hoodies are available in different colors and designs. Our wonderful designers at Redbubble have come up with a unique embroidery and comfortable sweatshirts. If you are concerned with the quality of hoodies or sweatshirts then you don’t need to be worried about it as RedBubble is offering 100% premium cotton fabric hoodies.

Customized Sweatshirts & hoodies are also available at RedBubble. People wear a customized sweatshirt with funny and fabulous writing on them. In today’s world, it has become a trend to wear customized hoodies in colleges or to the workplace. Most of the college friends groups make customized hoodies with their name on the back of hoodies. You can give this customized hoodie to your friend or relative on any special occasion.


The mug is a good and decent choice to gift someone who is a coffee lover. There are a large variety of mug designs on our RedBubble store. We sell amazing quality ceramic material mugs with our amazing designs on them. You can gift these classic design mugs to your friend, lover or family members on their special occasion.

Redbubble also create customized mugs. Their standard mug size currently is 3.75” tall with a 3 inch diameter. You can customize your art mug in different colors. We also design personalized mugs with images on them, you just need to ask us and let us know what you would like. You can give this precious gift to any of your friends on his birthday or your partner on his/her anniversary. They will surely be pleased with that and it makes them feel special when they drink their morning coffee in it. Make the birthday gift for his 40th or 50th special with a mug that carries a design and message that’s simply exquisite in design and execution.

Device Cases

Noveltyshirtsandgifts offers quality silicon, crystal clear and leather cases.. Stylish and protective cases for your iPhone or Samsung, along with many other luxurious phones. These cases protect your luxury phones from damage. The fancy and simply designed cases are available for many accessories including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, iPad, and iPhone wallet.

We have a large variety of fancy and luxurious cases. Cases are available for different models and sizes. You can buy a luxury phone case to give to your friend, or you can also give the customized phone case to your loved one with their image on the back of the cover. It can certainly be amusing to hold the phone with the image on the back of it, and our cases are certain to give you a good laugh. This is the luxury gift you can buy for your phone lover friend. It’s appropriate for all kinds of occasions, from a fun gift to your husband or wife to something special for a special day.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are the source of expressing your feelings to someone on special occasions. It is usually therefore given on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and special life events.  Every occasion has its very own special greeting card. Greeting cards are able to do a lot more as well. They can make a great addition to birthday gifts for his 40th for example or any other occasion. This is especially helpful when they live far away and you cannot personally go and meet them.

Greeting cards are available in different designs and sizes. You can buy a greeting card for your friend’s birthday or wedding party. A greeting card is a way to express your feelings with your loved ones. Our unique greeting card collection includes customized, handmade, birthday wishes, anniversary cards, and thanksgiving cards.

Birthday Gifts

A birthday gift is a way of expressing your love and feelings to your loved ones. There are a variety of gifts available at Novelty Shirts & Gifts that you give to your friends or family. But it sometimes becomes a tough decision about what to give to them. It depends on the personality and how much you like that person.

If you are looking for a gift for your loved one, you need to buy something that always makes them feel special. Birthday gifts for him and for her are available at Novetlyshirtsandgifts.com. You can therefore find a gift for your mom and dad’s anniversary. There is a large collection of gifts that make an easy choice for you. That’s why Novelty Shirts and Gifts is the ideal e-commerce site for buying luxury design gifts for your loved ones.

Whether it’s a birthday gift for a special someone going to college or an appropriate birthday gift for his or her 50th, we have what you need to find the very best. Above all, It is more than just relevant, fun birthday gifts. It is most importantly all about finding the perfect fit for you the person you want to buy for.

Home Accessories

Noveltyshirtsandgifts offers numerous products for home accessories. Now you don’t need to think about what to give to your friend or family member. You just need to go through Noveltyshirtsandgifts multiple home décor products that include:

Wall Clock

Modern style wall clocks with printed designs and plexiglass face designs are available at at our store. Clocks are no longer being used just to see the time. Additionally, they make for great decoration pieces and gift items.

Our wall clocks are made with a printed image on the background, Quartz clock mechanism with high-quality battery and sturdy hooks on the back for hanging on the wall easily. In addition you can always send this amazing design clock to your friend, family or relative. We have a wide range of wall clocks to suite each and every occasion including our recently added Dog lover gift wall clock design below

Floor Pillows

Floors pillows are always a comfortable and nice to sit or lay on. You can use floor pillows if you have a party or get together with friends, then everyone can feel relaxed sitting on them. Our floor pillow collection is unique, versatile, and comfortable. If you are looking to bring style and comfort to your home, you need to buy floor pillows from NoveltyShirtsandGifts.

Floor pillows are available in different colors and sizes. Similarly you can also order a custom design pillow just for yourself. You can give a custom design pillow to your loved ones on their special day or to simply buy for yourself to enjoy when studying or reading alone.  Our floor pillows are 100% cotton fabric filled with polyester to therefore ensure absolute comfort. Our printed design cushions give a versatile look to your room. You can check our amazing unique collection at our store

Duvet Covers

Duvet covers adds a unique and special look to your room. The best quality duvet covers are available at Noveltyshirtsandgifts. Above all now you can enjoy beautiful cultural designs with 100% cotton fabric materials at handsome prices. Secondly you can also give these stylish duvet covers to your friends, family or relatives. This is considered as one of the good options to give someone a home décor item. So keep visiting our store for more luxury gifts.